Image API implements a business process solution for annual membership enrollment and renewals

The Florida Bar is a regulatory membership organization, established to protect the integrity of the legal profession. Attorneys who practice law in the state of Florida renew their membership to the Florida Bar annually. The renewal process was completely paper-based and manual, often with a wait time in excess of a week. Annual renewal deadlines forced the Bar to hire and train seasonal employees to handle peak processing. Employees and temps would manually key data and payments, which was time-consuming and prone to error.

Image API implemented a solution to digitize and streamline the processing of renewals, applications, and payments.

Image API implemented a business process solution to both digitize and streamline the processing of renewals, applications, and payments. Incoming mail and payments are now digitized by Image API’s business service professionals. During document capture, files are automatically organized using intelligent technology to extract form data. Digital files are loaded into the Bar’s line of business application, and staff now has immediate access to review all incoming mail and payments.

The value delivered for the Florida Bar? Investing in a cost-effective business process solution allows for consistent same-day renewal processing, with greater accuracy, no matter what time of year. Members receive faster service, while the Florida Bar saves time and money by eliminating paper-based, inefficient manual processing and seasonal employee onboarding.

Project Summary


  • Paper-based enrollment and renewal applications resulted in processing delays
  • Seasonal fluctuations required temporary staff, increasing costs
  • Manual processing and data entry was error-prone


  • Digitize process
  • Implement ongoing professional business process services team to handle incoming applications and renewals


  • Reduced costs and reduced processing times for membership renewal
  • Enabled consistent, reliable processing no matter the volumes or time of year
  • Transformed application renewal to paperless process

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