Image API implements centralized intake processing for same-day eligibility determination

Millions of citizens rely on the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) for benefits eligibility determination each year.  The 250 county HHSC offices were responsible for intake and processing of benefits applications, but the process was plagued with inconsistencies and delays, which would result in penalties by the federal government.

Image API developed and implemented a business process services solution to centralize and digitize the benefits eligibility determination process.  Intake, imaging, indexing, and processing activities were strategically transitioned to a centralized physical location, a document processing center, where mail from more than 4 million customers is now processed – which involves over 8 million documents, exceeding 100 million images every year.

In addition, a well-defined, quality-driven process plan was developed and implemented to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and integrity – a set of performance standards that have been consistently achieved by Image API’s business service professionals.  HHSC is now able to handle high volume processing and provide prompt responses to benefits applications.

“Image API has been a trusted partner of HHSC since 2006 and has consistently delivered on-time performance and quality work in support of eligibility determination,” notes Jeri Flora, (former) Deputy Commissioner of HHSC.

The value delivered for HHSC? Same-day eligibility determination accelerates delivery of services with increased customer satisfaction.  Processing is more accurate and caseworkers are able to focus on eligibility determination, instead of paperwork and manual processing.  The efficiency of a centralized operations center has resulted in demonstrable cost savings.

Project Summary


  • Delays and inconsistencies resulted from decentralized processing
  • Volume of intake was difficult to manage
  • Staff consumed by paperwork instead of case work


  • Centralize operations to single location for intake and processing
  • Implement ongoing professional business process services team to handle mail, digitization, organization and storage, and fulfillment
  • Ensure accuracy, efficiency and integrity by implementing performance standards


  • Reduced processing times to single day for benefits eligibility determination
  • Improved accuracy, efficiency, and quality of content and outcomes
  • Flexible to handle increase in volume with same speed of delivery

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