Pre-Approved Vendor

Image API is a pre-approved vendor on several state and federal government contracts to make purchasing our technology and services easier and faster.  We help organizations remove paper from business processes to improve efficiency and lower costs, empowering state and local government agencies with technology and services that manage content effectively, strengthen compliance, and simplify everyday tasks.

Federal Contract Vehicles


The General Services Administration (GSA) Information Technology Schedules facilitate procurement of state-of-the-art commercial IT products, systems, services, and support.  Image API is a pre-vetted vendor on the GSA IT Schedule 70 which helps shorten procurement cycles, ensure compliance, and get the best value.

GSA IT Schedule 70

U.S. Communities/Omnia and NASPO

U.S. Communities/Omnia and NASPO programs are national cooperative purchasing program available to state and local government agencies, municipalities, educational institutions, and nonprofit corporations.  Image API products and services are offered under the NASPO program in the following states: CO, DE, FL, HI, KS, LA, MO, NE, OK, WY.

U.S. Communities/Omnia and NASPO

State Contract Vehicles


The Division of State Purchasing procures state contracts and agreements for commodities and services frequently used by multiple state agencies.



DIR contracts in Texas cover a wide variety of IT products and services and provide streamlined technology purchasing for government.



The COTS and CATS+ contracts enable agencies to have a flexible means of obtaining IT resources quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.



The Master IT Services ITQ Contract enables state and local public entities to cost-effectively and efficiently identify suppliers through COSTARS.


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