Front-end Developer (Remote)

At Image API we are building compelling solutions with a DevOps culture that is passionate about continuous delivery, automation, collaboration, and serverless infrastructure. We work in a highly collaborative agile team dedicated to expanding our cloud native microservices platform.

Are you an enthusiastic Front-end Developer with experience in creating robust, engaging applications using modern tools, practices and frameworks?

If you are passionate about building great products with best look and feel and unique user-centric experience, we’d love for you to apply.

As a Frontend Developer, you will:

  • Work in an agile cross-functional team and collaborative work environment following companies core values
  • Translate designs and wireframes into high quality user-facing features
  • Build reusable components and front-end libraries
  • Develop and improve UI best practices and guidelines
  • Plan, build, test, and release new features and experiments with MVP first approach
  • Mentor other frontend developers through pair programming, code reviews, and guidance

The successful candidate must have:

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Computer Science or related field, or other evidence of exceptional ability
  • 5+ years of software development experience with 3+ years of front-end experience building fast, reliable, and high-quality web-based applications
  • Strong proficiency in JavaScript, including DOM and JavaScript object model
  • Deep understanding of React.js with its core principles and advanced concepts
  • Strong experience with component-based architecture and patterns with React
  • Ability to optimize components for maximum performance across a variety of browsers and devices
  • Experience with common front-end development tools such as NPM, Yarn, Webpack etc.
  • Excellent mastery of web standards, cross-browser compatibility and strong CSS skills with experience building both Responsive and Adaptive Web applications
  • Experience with web accessibility standards and guidelines (ARIA, WCAG 2.0, ADA Section 508)
  • Strong experience with automated testing frameworks such as Jest and Cypress
  • Strong desire to stay on top of the latest developments in web technologies.



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