The Problem with Paper

Manual paper-based processes are slow and hinder your ability to get more done. Paper-related waste including printing, copying, and shredding is costly. Beyond wastefulness, paper is risky. It’s easy for paper that’s physically moving around the organization to get misplaced. It deteriorates over time and is at risk of damage or loss when it comes to disasters such as hurricanes, flooding or fires. It’s difficult to protect sensitive information that is contain within paper. Then there is the issue with storing the paper – it’s bulky and takes up space fast!

Going Digital Makes Sense

When considering the problems associated with paper, going digital just makes sense. With digital content stored in the cloud, you have fast access to your information no matter where you are. You also have better security to protect your content and with the right content services platform, you have more accessibility and better control. It takes up less space and cannot be destroyed by a hurricane! Digital content also enables digital process automation, which provide even more benefits to your organization.

So we know that digital makes sense, but how exactly does this benefit your voucher process? And what does a digital voucher process look like in practice?

Benefits of a Digital Voucher Process:

Here’s why we strongly recommend digitizing your voucher process:

  • Eliminate costs – with a digital process you no longer need to print vouchers or backup documentation
  • Save time – your able to automate the voucher creation process, streamline your distribution process and provide fast, easy access to your auditors
  • Avoid loss – all voucher files are securely stored in the cloud so there’s no risk of misplacing or losing a voucher packet
  • Reduce risk by bringing all documentation into one secure online location with access controls and a reliable audit trail so your always prepared

What a Digital Voucher Process Looks Like with Image API

Once you’ve received your invoices, uploaded to your accounting system, and processed your payments, you’re ready to kick off your digital voucher process. Each morning generate your file containing the previous day vouchers from your state accounting system. Post your daily file to our SFTP site, our Print Plus solution accepts your file for processing. This is when the automation begins!

  1. Print Plus extracts needed information from the file to produce a standard voucher template. This includes:
    • Statewide Document Number
    • Voucher #
    • Voucher Date
    • Grouping Character
    • Site ID
  2. Print Plus incorporates a signature on each voucher
  3. Print Plus presents all voucher files for automatic upload into Axiom Pro

You are then able to access and process the vouchers online. Once the voucher packet is complete, we stored in our Axiom Pro content services platform for easy, anytime, anywhere controlled access.

Many of our clients have realized the benefits of moving to a digital voucher process. Here is what one of our client has to say about their digitized voucher process:

“We would have to go back to printing paper vouchers which would be a lot more time consuming and a big step backwards. Having paperless distribution of our daily vouchers and having them all stored in one location saves us time and headaches.”

-Image API Client

How We Can Help

We have spent 25 years helping government agencies digitally transform their paper-based processes. Recently, we helped the Florida DOH bring their voucher process online. Check out the video below to see how it’s working for them!


If you are looking to save time, money, and paper — or if your process is already digital, but you are exploring new providers — we are happy to help! Connect with one of our experienced team members to learn how we can simplify your voucher process.


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