The voucher system is a tedious but necessary process for public agencies at various levels, from federal to state and local governments. It is necessary because the government, by law, cannot default on its debts. That means government agencies have to use an encumbrance system of accounting, where money that will be spent in the future has to be set aside in the present in the form of a voucher.

So vouchers are necessary, but the tedious paper-based voucher process is not. Today, we are covering exactly how to reduce or completely eliminate redundancies in the government agency procurement voucher process by bringing it online and eliminating the paper.

The Problem with Paper

Unfortunately, paper-related waste is just the beginning of the issues with the paper-based voucher process. Beyond wastefulness, paper-based payment processes are time-consuming and risky. There is increased wait time for approvals, risk of human error — it is much easier to lose paper than an electronic document — and significant security risks.

In theory, going digital with a government voucher process makes sense. But what exactly does a digital voucher process look like in practice and how can it benefit your agency? We have detailed the steps of a digital, paperless voucher process below.

What a Digital Voucher Process Looks Like

We recommend you begin by requesting electronic copies of your invoices – this is a great start to reducing paper and a good way to kick off your new digital process! Once you’ve received your invoices, uploaded to your accounting system, and processed your payments, you’re ready to kick off your digital voucher process.

  1. Pull payment details from invoices and upload to FTP
  2. Image API digitally overlays invoice details on your state voucher template and drops in Axiom Pro for you
  3. Then you drag and drop supporting digital documentation to append to voucher form – all in Axiom Pro
  4. Submit for approval/QC online – no more interoffice mail!! 🙂
  5. Your complete digital voucher packet is stored securely in the cloud with access controls, and is easily accessible when needed for audits.

The digital voucher process is fast and efficient, keeping all necessary information and documentation at your fingertips. No more waiting, printing, lost documents, or walking across office to drop off and pick up.

Benefits of a Digital Voucher Process:

In summary, here is why we strongly recommend utilizing an entirely digital process to manage your government vouchers:

  • Save time by eliminating manual paper-based processes.
  • Save money by reducing paper, printing, and employee time costs.
  • Increase productivity by refocusing newfound time-savings on high priority tasks.
  • Reduce risk by bringing all documentation into one secure online location with access controls.

Our clients have realized all of the benefits of moving to a digital voucher process. Here is what one of our client has to say about their digitized voucher process:

“We would have to go back to printing paper vouchers which would be a lot more time consuming and a big step backwards. Having paperless distribution of our daily vouchers and having them all stored in one location saves us time and headaches.”

-Image API Client

How We Can Help

We have spent 25 years helping government agencies digitally transform their paper-based processes. Recently, we helped the Florida DOH bring their voucher process online. Check out the video below to see how it’s working for them!

If you are looking to save time, money, and paper — or if your process is already digital, but you are exploring new providers — we are happy to help! Connect with one of our experienced team members to learn how we can simplify your voucher process.