Axiom Digital Library

Freedom from Paper

Axiom Digital Library is a secure, centralized location to store, organize, and share digital files in the cloud.  Our SaaS solution is on-demand and designed to meet the immediate needs of any type of organization, with support for all kinds of documents.

Files at your fingertips

Access your content at the office, in a meeting, or on the go – anytime, anywhere.
Axiom Digital Library makes uploading, reviewing, and sharing files easier than ever.
Eliminate the paper file room and enable access with a few clicks.

Less Paper, More Time

Spend less time managing physical files and processing paperwork.

  • Capture

    Scan paper and automatically import images, or upload digital files.

  • Index

    Instantly access files to review and organize, with the ability to add key index data that makes search and retrieval fast and easy.

  • Share

    Share files with other users directly in Axiom Digital Library, or download and print files to collaborate with external users.

Easy Document Capture & Upload

Axiom Capture™ is a digital imaging application that is pre-integrated, enabling a streamlined and simple process to digitize and upload documents into Axiom Digital Library.

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Protect content in the Cloud

Digitizing paper and storing it in a dedicated and secure cloud allows organizations to have more control over access.  Axiom Digital Library provides a centralized repository in a private cloud to organize, manage, and protect digital files.

  • Digitize

    Capture and store documents in a digital file room with easy search and retrieval, simultaneous review, and protection from environmental factors.

  • Organize

    Utilize multiple catalogs to keep content organized while keeping documents in a single repository, and search by configurable index elements.

  • Secure

    Maintain control over documents and catalogs with extensive and configurable permission settings.

  • Manage

    Scan, upload, and index documents, and print, download, or email digital files.


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