Axiom Capture

Digital Imaging

Axiom Capture is a digital imaging application with smart automation tools that ensure high quality images and accelerate processing times. Capture documents, review and organize document images, and deliver content to Axiom Pro, ready to go!

  • High Speed, High Volume Imaging

  • Smart barcode support for automated processing

  • Instant image review and enhancement tools

  • Seamless integration with Axiom Pro

A fast and reliable way to digitize documents

Axiom Capture is a fast and reliable way to transform paper documents into digital files – from any location with a compatible scanner. The result is high quality images that have been automatically enhanced and organized with barcode recognition technology.  Instantly review the document images and make any necessary adjustments with additional enhancement tools right on your desktop.  With a single click, send the content to Axiom Pro – enabling convenient anytime, anywhere access.