Business Process Optimization Services

Deliver Consistent Performance.

Managing ongoing business processes such as membership and enrollment or benefits eligibility processing can be a challenge for any organization, especially when volumes fluctuate frequently or processes are manually intensive. Alleviating the burden of tasks like mail intake, imaging, or payment processing can not only save money, but it can also improve accuracy, speed, and consistency of service delivery for customers. Business Process Optimization services can not only provide external support for routine functions, but deliver optimization to existing processes.

Optimize business processes with professional services

  • Flexible and Scalable

    Gain flexibility to respond to fluctuations in volume without changes in processing times or service delivery.  Scalable to meet short or long term project needs. 

  • Consistent, Accurate Performance

    Ensure reliable, high quality performance and measure consistency, timeliness, and accuracy with key performance indicators. Leverage over two decades of experience and professionals with a dedicated focus on optimizing business process operations and continuous process improvement.

  • Faster Processing Times

    Reduce processing times and deliver services faster by streamlining and centralizing operations. Image API has worked with clients to reduce processing times from six weeks to a single day, saving money and improving efficiency.

    • Experienced
    • Reliable
    • Scalable
    • Cost-Effective

Our end-to-end solutions allow clients to offload routine tasks and focus on their mission

Business process optimization services solve the toughest business process challenges, as well as handle the simplest functions with dedicated focus, allowing client staff to focus on core functions. Our services are efficient, reliable, and accurate – and have resulted in reduced processing times and improved service delivery. Some of our business process optimization services include:

    • Digital Mailroom
    • Document Processing
    • Payment Processing
    • Data Capture
    • Scanning & Imaging
    • Intelligent Document Classification

Improve quality, speed, and consistency of service delivery with our Business Process Optimization Services.

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