Licensing & Eligibility

The administrative operations for activities relating to application and claims processing can be automated through the application of technology and business process management strategies. Our end-to-end solutions for managing the intake, processing and fulfillment of applications and claims and all related documentation and payments, are tailored to our client workflow processes and requirements. Licensing, eligibility and claims administration have unique requirements for citizen accessibility, service timeliness, compliance, financial and performance measurement and confidentiality. Our collaborative approach thoughtfully considers every facet of the process – from claim or application submission to fulfilling printed collateral to the customers of our clients.

INTAKE & PICK UP > Email, e-forms, fax or mail pickup service for incoming applications, claims or other related documents

PROCESS DOCUMENTS & PAYMENTS >  Scan/Enter paper applications, process & validate information, deposit payments

FULFILLMENT > Print or email licenses, membership cards or claim approvals

NOTIFICATIONS > Throughout the process, print or email notices for missing documentation, payments, reminders for renewals or other requirements

DOCUMENT STORAGE > Store original documents to meet retention requirements

Image API provides proven experience and extensive expertise in all areas of process management, technology, document conversion, reporting and ongoing support. We work directly with local, state and federal governments, private sector clients and educational institutions across North America.