Mail Room & Document Processing Services

mailroom, document processing services diagram

Utilizing professional service providers for mailroom operations such as data entry, mail processing, fulfillment services and bulk mail outs frees resources to focus on core competencies and improves customer service delivery. As incoming mail is processed, records can be immediately updated to reflect the most current information. Workflow processes are setup to ensure that information is input and sent out according to our client’s business requirements. We can help you stay in touch with your customer base, notifying them of upcoming renewal dates or sending them fulfillment collateral such as licenses or status notifications. Watch a video>

Image API has the equipment and resources necessary to effectively handle mailroom operations:

> RECEIVE & PICK UP MAIL  Pick up and receive mail

> PROCESS DOCUMENTS Scan paper documentation, perform data entry and more

> LOCKBOX & SERVICES  Process and deposit payments

> FULFILLMENT Print and mail notices or documents that require special security papers, such as licenses or membership cards and other correspondence

> OUTGOING MAIL Print, fold, seal, meter and post outgoing mail, including bulk mailout services

> DOCUMENT STORAGE Store original documents if required