Microfilm & Microfiche Imaging

Transforming high maintenance microfilm and microfiche into digital data will make the information more accessible and preserve it forever. Microfilm/fiche requires special storage temperatures and deteriorates over time, sometimes to the point where the information cannot be converted due to film/fiche damage. Losing historical data because of the format of storage is a loss that can be prevented with proactive conversion. Microfilm/fiche also requires special equipment to access the data which is a limitation on accessibility. microfiche

We apply technology to achieve efficiency, accuracy and quality in all phases of operations—including microfilm/fiche transport, prep, scanning, post scanning processes, indexing, quality assurance and output. Experienced project managers work closely with clients to design a capture strategy that ensures the maximum utility of the digital files we create.  Image API combines more than two decades of experience with state-of-the-art technology to make the transformation successful, affordable and compatible with our client’s existing infrastructure and end-user needs.

DOCUMENT PICK UP & DELIVERY > Pick up & delivery from office or post office box

BACKFILE SCANNING SERVICES > Bulk imaging of existing microfilm/fiche

CLOUD HOSTING > Host output files securely in the Cloud