UCC Administration

UCC administration diagram
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) system keeps commerce flowing across all 50 states by harmonizing statutes related to secured transactions.  Lenders must file UCC form(s) with the Department of State as a way of giving notice that it has or may have an interest in the personal property of a debtor. The Image API UCC system allows them to file by using walk-in, online or commercial service providers. Transactions are recorded, forms and payments are captured electronically and all filings and associated information are transmitted electronically to the department. Fee payments are deposited, reconciled, reported and transferred to the state.

Our UCC solution is a turnkey operation – covering all aspects of UCC administration:

FILING > Comprehensive filing and payment services

INFRASTRUCTURE > Technical architecture, security & support, SAAS or hosted options

OPERATIONS > Resource management including personnel, operational procedures, facility and training

ONLINE PORTAL  > Online operations and seamless postings

PUBLIC ACCESS > Reporting and research via our customer call center

SECURE RECORD STORAGE  > Secure digital records storage retrieval and disaster recovery capabilities

DIGITAL RECORDS > Capture of all documents and data as digital content

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