Document Management

Storage, organization, and management of records is often a behind-the-scenes task, yet crucial to daily business operations.  Cloud-based, digital document management makes information more usable and available, while offering the strongest protection and controls.

Hello, Digital!

An accurate inventory of organized and searchable digital records enables faster access to information and improves productivity.  Streamline records management with Axiom Pro® to easily track document activity, set up automated retention schedules, and enable secure access to records anytime, anywhere.


Digitize paper and upload files from electronic sources into a single, centralized document repository.


Protect information from deterioration, loss, and other risks with compliant, cloud-based content.


Access documents in the cloud directly or seamlessly through other integrated business systems.

Your Digitization Team

Scanning documents into digital format eliminates the risks and costs associated with paper and adds many benefits.  Our digitization team has decades of experience and our well-established processes are compliant and secure, ensuring a successful transition to digital for your agency.  We work closely with your agency to evaluate and prioritize document populations and ensure minimal disruption during the digitization process.


What’s your digital status?

Most agencies have started some kind of digital transformation.  Where is your agency at on their digital journey?  If any of these come close to describing your agency, we can help move you forward as you transition to operating digitally.