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Security for Sensitive Information

Protecting patient privacy while managing sensitive health data can be complicated and cumbersome, especially with manual processing and paper records.   Simplify processes and manage compliance by using Axiom Pro® to digitize and organize health records. From digitizing records to managing digital content, we help clients transform the way business is done.

    • Cost Effective
    • Private Cloud
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    • Speed of Delivery

Prioritizing Privacy

The sensitive nature of health data requires agencies to make privacy a priority, to protect confidential information and to manage regulatory compliance.  Our Axiom Pro solution is designed to protect and secure electronic health records, while eliminating risks and costs related to manual processing and physical file storage.

  • Search

    Organize records for easy search and retrieval. Share files across resources and departments. Keep track of different versions.

  • Simplify

    Import paper or digital records. Share information with other systems. Manage retention and compliance.

  • Secure

    Protect records from unauthorized access with digital security, including redaction. Monitor user activity with audit trails.

  •  Digitize paper health records
  • Integrate with other medical systems for real time data validation
  •  Store sensitive health data on-premise or in a secure, private Cloud
  •  Manage, share, and protect digital health records
  • Confidence in Compliance

    Axiom Pro has been implemented in over 10 states, enabling the successful digital management of confidential health records and compliance with HIPAA, PPACA, and more. Having confidence that sensitive health data is secure and compliant is invaluable – for both patients and provider CIOs. Experience this confidence and other benefits of going paperless by switching to a private cloud healthcare solution with Axiom Pro.

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“This solution has become one of the pillars of our successful conversion into the electronic world of information management. It allows us to access and verify information that we use with greater speed and accuracy.”

State of MarylandDepartment of Health


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