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Eliminate Paper

Despite how organized physical files might be, it is still time-consuming and difficult to locate and retrieve files in a cabinet, file room or warehouse. Simplify with Axiom Pro®, our document management solution to help your organization go digital. From agency programs to agency functions like accounting or HR, eliminating paper can streamline the retrieval, processing, and delivery of information, saving time and money.

    • Cost Effective
    • Cloud-based
    • Simple Pricing
    • Speed of Delivery
  • Retrieve and deliver information faster.

    Protect and preserve critical information.

    Save on physical storage costs.

  • “The convenience of having the files available right at our desktops has improved customer service because customers no longer have to wait while we grab a file!”

    Amy GrahamChief of Personnel and Human Resource Management, Florida Department of Health

What does a digital agency look like?

Removing paper frees up valuable resources and enables automation in business processes and improved access to information.  Axiom Pro allows digital content to be cataloged by agency function and/or program, so the benefits of eliminating paper and manual processes can be experienced agency-wide.

  • Fast

    Reduce time to retrieve, process and deliver information and respond faster to information requests

  • Convenient

    Manage and share information directly from your desktop, laptop, or tablet and access content anytime, anywhere

  • Secure

    Mitigate risk of loss or deterioration of physical records and control access with multi-level security settings

Manage content all in one place

  • Search
    Retrieve files in seconds by keyword search

    Edit, redact, and organize documents and pages

    Email, print, and download files in just a few clicks

    Rules-based routing automates workflow


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