Records Management

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Storage, organization, and management of records is often a behind-the-scenes task, yet crucial to daily business operations.  With Axiom Pro®, digital content is organized and searchable, reducing the time it takes to respond to information requests and eliminating manual processes that cost time and money. From digitizing paper to managing digital content, we specialize in transforming the way business is done.

    • Cost Effective
    • Cloud-based
    • Simple Pricing
    • Speed of Delivery
  •  Protect records with multi-level security settings

     Save space and avoid costs related to physical file storage

     Mitigate risk of loss or deterioration of physical records

Records Management Redefined

An accurate inventory of organized and searchable digital records enables faster access to information and improves productivity.  Streamline records management with Axiom Pro to easily track document activity, set up retention schedules, and enable secure access to records anytime, anywhere.

  • Search

    Quickly retrieve files with
    searchable digital records

  • Redact

    Redact sensitive information
    for public records requests

  • Manage Retention

    Manage retention schedules
    for regulatory compliance


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