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Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles turns to Image API for high security imaging

Image API improves security of highly confidential records, eliminating risks and costs associated with paper-based records

Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) issues drivers’ licenses, processes registrations for vehicles and boats, and provides assistance and enforcement through the Florida Highway Patrol.  Headquartered in Tallahassee, the Medical Files Office had a number of rooms full of filing cabinets with paper records.  Not only were the records taking up too much space, they were at risk for loss and deterioration and were inconvenient.

The staff at DHSMV tried to tackle the paper records with an internal imaging project, but they lacked the equipment, hardware, software, procedures, and staff to be successful.  This long-term internal effort was not effective, so they turned to Image API for imaging services that would achieve the paperless results they wanted.

Confidentiality was a key requirement of the DHSMV imaging services. The records had to remain at the Department, so the imaging had to be performed onsite.

Image API provided all hardware, software, supplies, and staff as well as configured a closed network at DHSMV in order to perform the imaging.  There was a formal chain of custody process where DHSMV and Image API staff signed for delivery and return of physical documents.  The entire imaging process was vetted through a security team before the project began, and was monitored throughout the project.

The process of imaging several million high security images took less than 6 months and replaced paper records with digital images that can be accessed quickly and easily by authorized staff members.

The value delivered for DHSMV?

Going digital saved the Department time, improved security and access, and eliminated the risks and costs associated with maintaining paper-based records.

Project Summary


  • Files were at risk for loss and deterioration
  • Difficult to control access to files and keep records secure
  • Internal imaging process lacked equipment, hardware, software, and staff


  • High security onsite imaging and formal chain of custody


  • Saved time and money and restored large amount of storage space for office use
  • Eliminated risks and costs associated with paper-based records
  • Improved security for and access to confidential records

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