Protecting patient privacy while managing sensitive health data can be complicated, especially with manual processing and paper records.   Simplify processes and manage compliance by digitizing your content and processes.

Confidence in Compliance

The sensitive nature of health data requires agencies to make privacy a priority, to protect confidential information and to manage regulatory compliance. Having confidence that health data is secure and compliant is invaluable – for both patients, providers, and CIOs.

Eliminate Risk and Costs

Our healthcare solution has been implemented in over 10 states to manage Protected Health Information (PHI) in compliance with HIPAA, PPACA, and is designed to protect and secure information, while eliminating risks and costs related to manual processing and physical file storage.

Digitize Paper Files for Better Protection

Easily Manage & Collaborate on Healthcare files securely

Automate approvals to provide better client experiences

Integrate into current healthcare systems to increase usuability


Create Better, Faster Experiences for Customers

Save time and money, while offering more convenience to patients. By streamline information access, you reduce the time it takes to locate and protect sensitive data. By automating these processes the speed at which you can serve your patients increases exponentially.

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Guide to Going Digital

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