Intelligent Content Imaging Services

Transform Paper into Digital Assets

Digitizing paper extends the life and usability of your content, making it faster to find information and easier to protect.


Where are you on your digital journey?

No matter where you are on your journey, we can help! We help companies of all sizes digitize millions of documents every year. We can help you transform a file room to a new office space, eliminate storage and retrieval fees and help you realize the true power of digital.

Paper Everywhere

Do you have stacks of paper waiting to be processed or approved? Or an entire room dedicated to file cabinets? Paper is risky and inefficient. We can help you reduce risk and work easier. This will be the best decision you make all year! 

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Paper Stored Off-Site

Does your business have significant costs associated with storage fees for paper records?  If so, it's time to consider the numerous benefits of ditching the storage units and converting your paper to digital documents. We can help! 

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Paper + Digital

Did your business have to make a quick shift to digital over the last two years? Even with this shift, many are stuck in between, and are still weighed down by paper. Now is the time to make that digital transformation compete.

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Highly Secure

We pride ourselves on the most secure technology and processes.

Our expert imaging professionals digitize documents in one of our secure imaging facilities (on-site scanning is currently unavailable due to COVID-19), with chain of custody practices that enable document tracking through the entire process. We follow strict security protocols and use ANSI / AIIM standards to ensure excellence.

On-demand or Ongoing

Flexible and cost effective document digitization services.

Scalable to meet short or long term imaging needs, our imaging services are flexible and cost-effective. Our imaging centers are ready to handle high volumes, and our experience and expertise enables us to implement imaging service solutions quickly and effectively.

Archival and Day-Forward

Eliminate costly storage while improving daily operations.

Digitize historical documents associated with activities from previous years with archival scanning, or scan documents that are actively entering the workflow with day-foward scanning.  Many organizations find success with a combination of these types of digitization, and our experts are ready to help you get the best results.


Guide to Going Digital

Download our ePaper now for practical advice and a detailed checklist.

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Eliminate the Vulnerabilities of Paper

Paper documents are time consuming and costly to manage and are high risk due to loss and disasters. We can help you digitize paper documents, microfilm/fiche, drawings, wide formats, books, and more!


Insights on Building Successful Digital Operations