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Florida’s DOH Personnel and Human Resource Department improves customer service and processing times

Axiom Pro helps significantly reduce processing times from weeks to hours for Florida’s DOH Personnel and Human Resource Department

Paper files and manual processes overwhelmed a full-time staff in the Personnel and Human Resource Management Department at Florida’s Department of Health (DOH), an organization with over 18,000 employees.

DOH’s Personnel and Human Resource Management Department used to spend a significant amount of time on filing records and responding to records requests, which could range from a copy of a performance evaluation to a subpoena for records in legal proceedings.  Manual processes were prone to loss, misfiling, repeat requests, and delays in response times, and led to a high cost of training new staff.   With paper records, each request not only required staff to physically search through and retrieve paper files, but requestors had to make an appointment to meet with staff to review the records, or if permitted, receive copies of the records.  To make things more complex, certain types of documents like medical records carried access restrictions due to privacy policies.  These files were kept in separate, locked filing cabinets.

Now DOH staff can search employee records by keywords, redact as necessary, and email files with a few clicks, and no longer have to make appointments to fulfill records requests.  Staff have access to information at their fingertips and share authorized documents via email.  Since Axiom Pro is integrated with DOH’s HR management system, it’s even easier to retrieve records using employee ID numbers.

Everyday functions can now be completed in minutes within just a few clicks, and more complex processes that used to take days, such as working through a settlement agreement or performing an audit, now take a few hours or less.  Information that was nearly impossible to keep up-to-date is now automatically updated, making it easy to respond to requests quickly.

The value added for DOH?

Eliminating the file room has restored office space and freed up resources, including reassignment of three full-time employees.  And files with special security restrictions are more effectively managed with less effort in Axiom Pro – no more separate filing cabinets and keys to control access.

Digital transformation has improved efficiency and customer service, which was a win-win for the Personnel and Human Resource Management Department and its customers.

Project Summary


  • Files were difficult to access and keep secure
  • Slow, manual processes delayed response time to records requests
  • Time-consuming in person appointments were required for records release


  • Digitize records
  • Deploy Axiom Pro to manage digital content


  • Significantly  improved response times and customer service (from days to minutes)
  • No longer require in person appointments; authorized files can be securely emailed
  • Eliminated risks and costs associated with paper-based records and manual processes
  • Improved security for and access to confidential records

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