Being able to locate and protect student records digitally eliminates costly, labor-intensive processes that expend valuable resources. Our education solution streamlines processes, allowing schools and education administrators to focus on providing support and services to students.

Streamline Operations Throughout Your District

Streamline operations across your educational district with digital forms, process automation, and records management.

Save Time and Improve Interactions

Operating digitally saves time and improves interactions across staff and schools. Locate documents with a simple keyword search, manage retention with automated schedules, and track document progress – all without leaving your desk.

Instantly Access Files Anywhere

Eliminate paper and related storage costs

Automate and track workflow tasks

Protect privacy and ensure FERPA compliance


Simplify School Records Management

Digitize, organize, and manage records for students, financial aid, admissions, human resources, administrative services, and more with our cloud-based document management platform. Digital content can be organized, managed, and routed to support workflow processes while keeping content centralized and protected.

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Guide to Going Digital

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