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4 Benefits of Automation in Government in 2024

November 4, 2022

4 Benefits of Automation in Government

People dread going to their local tax office or DMV, knowing they’ll face long wait times and disgruntled citizens. On the other side of the glass, employees deal with messy piles of paperwork, outdated processes, and hundreds of frustrated people daily. And this is just one of the many scenarios within state and local government offices dealing with frustrations like these. 

It makes sense that government workers feel stressed, but eliminating time-consuming processes and costly human errors shows us that it doesn’t have to be this way. Enter digital process automation for government.

What does digital process automation mean for governments?

Workflow automation gets rid of outdated manual tasks, helping processes run more efficiently and smoothly. This improved workflow saves organizations money, time, and energy. 

Government process automation benefits employees and customers by cutting down on paperwork and eliminating tasks best suited to the digital background. This results in simpler and more secure processes, happier staff and customers, and a more efficient workflow system.

4 reasons why state and local governments should turn to automation for increased efficiency 

More businesses than ever use workflow automation to improve performance. They understand that today’s citizens don’t have the time or patience to wait. To get more done faster, it’s time to embrace digital automation.

Save employees time

When you eliminate manual tasks, you free up time so employees can complete the work that matters most. Instead of sending emails and walking around the office to get approval or locate files, these processes can happen in the background.

An automated workflow cuts down on the unnecessary tasks each employee has to do, leading to a better sense of well-being in the workplace, increased chances of retaining top talent, and more time to focus on meeting agency goals.

Increase protection and security of important documents

When you digitize forms, you remove unsecured paper towers from employee desks. Storing important documents in a secure home in the cloud ensures they won’t be lost, damaged, or stolen.

Digital automation lets you easily track what stage each process is in without wondering if you need to follow up on a form or make a phone call. You can even set up reminders to ensure no one overlooks an approval—all while your data remains protected.

Complete work from anywhere

Working from home used to be reserved for social media influencers, but today, more people than ever demand flexible schedules.

Even in-person workplaces require more flexibility than manual processes allow. Instead of scanning, emailing, and waiting for a returned document, tasks are simplified and can be performed anywhere with internet access. Government agencies that turn to process automation tools cut down on emergencies because someone is out of town or tending to a family matter; there’s no need to be physically present.

Create a better experience for employees and customers

No one wants to call the same agency day after day, hoping to get through to someone. And government workers certainly don’t want to deal with frustrated customers on top of already stressful systems. 

When you remove the time factor from the above equation, everyone enjoys a better experience. Employees stop drowning in paperwork and can assist customers more quickly, and citizens don’t have to miss a day of work to submit a form. When you allow processes to move in the digital background, everyone wins.

6 government processes that can be streamlined with automation

Wondering which government processes to automate? Image API recommends starting with one or two and then adding on as needed, but there are several ways you can increase efficiency in your workplace. 

1. Route documents through automatic workflows

Gone are the days when you had to walk documents from one desk to another. Even email can be time-consuming when drafting messages and looking for attachments.

Automating your workflow removes multiple steps from the process of getting information from point A to point B. Fill out a document and hit submit, allowing the system to handle the rest.

2. Cut down on costly errors and forgotten tasks

Long days in the office lead to eye strain and fatigue. The ability to automatically transfer data from one document to another eliminates the need to double-check every box.

And depending on your system, you can prevent the most common human errors by building in failsafes in your online forms. You can even send automatic reminders to finish forms and submit approvals at predetermined intervals.

3. Manage payment processes

Waiting on reimbursements is stressful. The time it takes to complete the multi-step approval process can last weeks, putting a strain on the accounts that temporarily fund each expense. 

Automating your payment process is a simple way to ensure your employees are appropriately compensated with every paycheck. You can further facilitate the process by automatically setting up your workflow system to approve specific expected ongoing employee expenses.

4. Update and simplify your hiring performance

Anyone who’s had to sift through job applications knows it’s taxing. Automating the hiring process reduces your work while helping you find the most qualified candidates.

Once you’ve found your shortlist, automatically schedule interviews, send reminders, and handle your rejection process. This helps you get top talent in your door faster.

5. Improve employee onboarding with a standardized experience

New employees have a lot to take in during their first days on the job. Your onboarding process shouldn’t be their primary focus. Workflow automation makes it simple and consistent for every hire, helping them focus on the big picture.

Digital onboarding also helps prevent common mistakes such as incorrect birth dates. Automatically transferring data electronically saves time for your onboarding team and new employees, ensuring a positive start to each new career.  

6. Support customers more quickly and accurately

What happens when your customers need help outside of business hours? If it’s the weekend, they might wait until Monday to call, hoping desperately to get through. With government customer support automation, they can find the answers to many of their questions quickly and easily, at all hours of the day.

From voice assistance to 24/7 chat boxes, automation helps guide users to the information they need while cutting down on paper, lost time, and human errors—creating a more satisfying experience for everyone involved.

How Image API helped 3 government agencies set up automation

From digitizing forms and creating safer security measures to simplifying processes and integrating software, Image API has the experience and expertise to innovate your workplace. See how its expert team helped these government agencies improve their workflow and increase satisfaction. 

Florida Department of Health Reduced Licensure Processing Time by Over 1,000%

That’s not a typo. The Florida Department of Health processes over 600,000 healthcare licenses a year. Before they automated their workflow, these licenses took 6 weeks to process. 

The DOH worked with Image API to digitize files and streamline its document process, creating a central online location to input and store sensitive information securely. This reduced licensure time from 6 weeks to just 3 days, giving the department a significant boost in customer and employee satisfaction.

The Florida Bar saved time and money by digitizing renewal

Before Image API worked with the Florida Bar, its renewal process was paper-based. The agency dealt with influxes of forms whenever deadlines rolled around. They were forced to hire seasonal employees to deal with the piles of paperwork and tight deadlines.

Image API digitized the process of renewals, applications, and payments, giving staff immediate access to the information they needed while eliminating manual errors. Now, Florida attorneys can renew their membership on the same day. This solution expedited the renewal process and saved the Florida Bar the cost of hiring and training seasonal employees. 

Over 1 Million petitions processed on tight deadline for Election Management Solutions 

Election Management Solutions in Tallahassee, Florida, specializes in election campaigns, advocacy, government representation, and getting initiatives on the ballot. With an election around the corner, they had to quickly digitize, process, and deliver petitions.

After a failed solution from another company, EMS turned to Image API for its proven track record of successfully handling large paper-to-digital projects and ensuring compliance. 

Image API’s team processed, scanned, and extracted data from incoming mail to help EMS fine tune its grassroots efforts. They also sorted, shipped, scanned, and indexed petitions, delivering a daily report on the number of signed petitions. This solution led to over eight million petitions getting processed in just eight weeks, enabling EMS to hit its deadline and improve future campaigns. 

Use Image API for all your digital transformation needs

Image API’s team of experts helps you provide a better online experience by automating everyday tasks. 

Here are some examples of government automation Image API can help you implement in under 90 days–saving you and your organization time and money.

Seamlessly digitize documents

Protect your documents and ensure they last as long as needed. Image API’s expert imaging professionals digitize your papers in a secure imaging facility, following strict security protocols to ensure everything is protected and transferred in excellent condition. 

From records taking up space in your file room to the papers you use every day, Image API can help you improve your security and workflow processes with document digitization services.

Manage content

Image API’s content management solution helps you find information faster. Your content is housed in secure cloud-based storage, so it’s more readily accessible to you while being better protected from outside forces. 

Image API also helps your different online systems communicate more effectively as you add new content, further improving your workflow processes.

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