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Image API is Simplifying the Complexity of Digital Process Automation with Powerful New Technology Platform

May 17, 2022

Powerful technology combined with an innovative way to purchase, Caledo speeds up time to value, enabling clients to invest in one digital process at a time.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla., May 17, 2022 - Image API announced today the release of its new digital process automation platform, Caledo, more information found on Caledo is a cloud-based, SaaS platform that simplifies and powers the automation of core business processes. As the first platform designed solely to bring together digital processes, forms and content services within one digital process application, Caledo offers organizations a powerful new technology to simplify work and increase the speed at which work gets done. Caledo’s process solutions are available for purchase, on a “by the process” subscription basis,  so customers only pay for the solutions and functionality they genuinely need.

"Caledo was purpose built to address a specific need in the marketplace that current solutions have been unable to effectively address. Businesses need a secure, seamless way for digital content to flow through their organization to support in office and virtual work. The pandemic amplified and expanded this need with people continuing to work virtually some or all of the time. Solving this problem is imperative and foundational in creating a digital strategy that is effective for today’s work environments," explains Lawson Ellinor, CEO of ImageAPI. 

Caledo provides the market with a powerful new technology platform that is matched with Image API’s deep expertise and strong, successful track record of helping businesses simplify and automate their core processes. By connecting  processes, forms, and content management services into one platform and delivering solutions one process at a time, businesses can automate their operations up to three times faster and at much lower costs than offered by traditional technology solutions. 

“We saw our document management clients having real issues with automating processes. They were clearly limited by available technology solutions, internal development challenges and the complexity of translating manual processes into digital processes. Collectively, these issues became blockers to their ability to work digitally. Caledo is designed differently, using  low code technologies to significantly reduce the design to delivery time. Equally important, Caledo provides the market with a new approach. Clients can focus on and invest in one digital process at a time. This approach significantly speeds up the pace of automation, reduces costs and risks, and adds value much faster for our clients.” adds Ellinor.

To learn more about how Caledo and Image API are helping public organizations and private businesses significantly increase the speed and scale of their digital operations visit Image API’s website here.

Image API is a  leader in innovative technology and services focused on the digitization and automation of business processes and content management. Serving organizations for over 25 years, Image API continues to power businesses paper to digital transformations with new and innovative technologies and services. Image API’s team is driven daily by the company’s mission to fundamentally change the way people work - enabling them to do their best work at the speed of digital.

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