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Professional medical boards administrated by Florida DOH awarded Davis Productivity Award for improvements

Image API’s Healthcare Board Agenda solution enables web-based publishing of agenda and digital attachments, remarkably improves productivity

Florida’s Department of Health, Division of Medical Quality Assurance manages the administration of over 25 professional boards.  Each board has regular meetings, typically held 6-12 times per year, with an agenda and supporting documentation that must be distributed to board members prior to meetings.  These administrative processes were manual and time-consuming, often limiting the scope and agenda of board meetings.  Important documents and information were easily misplaced and disorganized, and cost was significant even after the Division moved to digital files on CDs that were mailed to board members.

Image API developed and implemented a web-based Healthcare Board Agenda system to publish and manage meeting agendas and related documents.  Documentation for medical boards typically contain sensitive medical records, requiring high security and compliance with privacy laws such as HIPAA, PPACA, and more.  Image API is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner and the Axiom Pro Healthcare solution runs on AWS cloud technology, providing DOH with total control over their dedicated virtual resources for maximum security and compliance.

Image API’s business services team digitized paper files and uploaded these files, as well as supplemental content including audio, video, and x-rays into Axiom Pro.  Board members can now access and review records online in preparation for their meetings which address licensing issues, complaints, enforcement, and discipline of medical professionals in Florida.  Previously, staff would mail out physical CDs to board members, but now the board can securely log in and access documents from anywhere, making it much more convenient and eliminating the manual work at DOH that was required to prepare for these meetings.

The value delivered for DOH? Professional medical boards typically process five times the volume of case files per board meeting and there is no longer a case file backlog.  DOH was awarded the Davis Productivity Award in the State of Florida for improvements in efficiency and staffing.

“The Division of Medical Quality Assurance (MQA) supports 26 boards within the Department of Health, such as the Board of Medicine and the Board of Nursing. Boards have a number of regulatory responsibilities and are organized in multiple committees which meet regularly to review policy, licensure, and disciplinary cases. Image API’s Board Agenda solution is vital to the collaborative process of creating, updating, redacting, and reviewing the agendas, which are available to board members via a secure, web-based application where they can be reviewed and marked up for reference at meetings. The solution is powered by Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud technology, so our staff does not have to worry about security or compliance when attaching private documents, such as patient records and legal files, to the Agenda for board members to review. Not to mention the benefits of online access for us and the board members and meetings we support throughout the state – we no longer have to physically mail out agendas and updates are communicated instantly.”

Florida Department of Health, Division of Medical Quality Assurance

Project Summary


  • Manual agenda management processes and logistics were costly and time-consuming
  • Board meetings were limited in terms of scope and productivity
  • High risk for security and compliance
  • Challenged with over 3 years of backlogged case files


  • Implement web-based Board Agenda system integrated with Axiom Pro Healthcare solution powered by AWS
  • Digitize and upload content in Axiom Pro


  • Save money and time by eliminating physical logistics costs
  • Eliminated 3 year backlog of case files
  • Improvements in productivity allow board members to process 5 times the amount of case files per board meeting

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