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10 Ways to Scale Your Digital Processes in 2024

December 8, 2022

10 Ways to Scale Your Digital Processes

Digital processes are vital to keeping your organization up to speed in an increasingly online world. They streamline workflows, save time, and minimize errors. While it takes just one automated process to get back time and simplify a workflow, scaling digital processes can maximize your results. Read on to see 10 ways to scale your digital processes, from payroll to data acquisition.

The future of digital processes and simplifying work

When you look at our nation’s schools, you see the future of digital processes in action. Students spend more time in the virtual world than ever before—using digital strategies to learn languages, build models, practice math, submit assignments, and more. They can even miss a day of school and be caught up on their assignments by the next day’s first class. 

When these students graduate, daily work procedures will be more efficient, flexible, and accurate—all thanks to automated systems. The recent change in education shows it’s time for organizations to become proactive and meet the demands of our future now, one digital process at a time.

10 ways to scale your digital processes and workflows

In an average day, how much time is spent answering emails, waiting on approvals, and digging for information? How many tasks do you complete that could be automated? If you’re not sure, here are some practical ways scaling digital processes can free up time and resources.

1. Use digital forms to improve customer experiences and reduce errors

Form digitization creates a more equitable system because it enables users to complete forms from anywhere at anytime. This diminishes the need for in-person visits and cuts down on wait times. Digital forms can also reduce errors with built-in failsafes and transferred data.   

2. Set up an online content management system to share content securely across your organization

With the right online content management system, you can communicate with team members and share documents more safely and efficiently than ever before. Cloud-based platforms provide multiple levels of security so you can store, share, and manage your content processes simply and securely. 

3. Keep projects on track with workflow templates and automatic reminders

Instead of creating a new timeline for each project, you can build templates for automated workflows. Get email reminders when projects begin to fall behind schedule and resolve problems fast. Let your system send out reminders during different stages of the workflow, and keep everyone on track each step of the way.

4. Allow third-party apps to communicate with your content management system

Without seamless communication between your apps, you’re stuck signing in and out of systems and wasting time connecting the dots in your workflow. Set up your digital content management system to optimize your time by connecting and streamlining your various programs and apps so you can get more done in fewer steps. 

5. Simplify recruiting and onboarding with automation tools

Use digital automation for everything from scheduling interviews and sending rejection letters to reducing errors in onboarding paperwork. When you scale your digital processes, you take the headache out of recruiting and onboarding with simplified procedures that bring you quality candidates who are ready to work faster.  

6. Make better decisions with automated data acquisition  

Your organization needs current and trustworthy data to make informed decisions. However, manually gathering data is tedious and prone to errors. Switching to automated data acquisition gives your team more hours to reflect, gain insights, and enact positive changes.

7. Process payments more efficiently

Manual payments can lead to stressful situations as your employees and vendors wait for payments. Digitizing your payment system ensures your team and vendors are paid promptly. Save even more time by setting up your system to automatically add payments or reimbursements to your employees’ paychecks. 

8. Handle incident reports swiftly and easily

Incident reports are a necessary tool for every management team. The more quickly they’re handled, the faster they resolve issues. Automation expedites this process, allowing your organization to move on more quickly and focus on solutions and prevention. 

9. Improve customer support with 24/7 online assistance 

It can take hours for your customers to connect to the right person or find the information they need online. Cut down on the time and resources it takes to answer inquiries by implementing 24/7 online assistance in the form of automated chats. Direct customers to the information they seek quickly or schedule a call back at a time that works for everyone. 

10. Go digital with a partner you can trust

The final tip to consider when scaling digital processes is to choose a partner with your best interests in mind. Many companies offer massive overhauls that take up to a year or more to implement. The result is an overwhelmingly large and costly system that doesn’t fit your organization’s needs. 

Instead, it's better to pay only for what you'll use. At Image API, we implement a digital strategy tailored to your organization, ensuring each improvement is suited to your actual needs. This allows you to go at your pace and save money on the functionality you aren’t quite ready to use, while getting the most out of what you actually need.

How Image API helped these organizations scale their digital strategy

Image API has assisted multiple organizations throughout the nation with their digital strategy. Read on to see how we helped three government agencies accomplish their process and automation goals and increase employee and customer satisfaction.

Nassau County replaced manual records with a digital system that saved time and space 

In New York’s Nassau County, government employees spent long days searching for difficult-to-find files. Image API digitized all incoming probation records for the county and implemented a new content management system. 

The results? Reclaimed office space, better access to documents across agencies, and a more efficient and secure records management system. In fact, the department was so pleased with the digital transformation, they made Image API the county-wide solution for digital automation.

The Texas HHSC digitized intake processing and improved efficiency by 500%

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) receives millions of benefits applications each year. With thousands of documents going to each of the 250 county offices, state employees were drowning in paperwork, slowed down by an inefficient and error-prone workflow.

Image APU developed a centralized and digitized business solution for benefits eligibility decisions. Now, mail from more than 4 million customers is handled in a centralized location that deals with intake, imaging, indexing, and processing. The result is a smoother, more efficient system that provides same-day eligibility determination and increased employee and customer satisfaction.

Texas Department of Insurance digitized 800,000 files and improved response time

Workers Compensation files were taking up a lot of space at the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), and costing over a quarter million dollars to store each year. It was difficult and time-consuming to access the necessary files to complete records requests, leading to delayed responses and frustrated staff.

Image API got to work transporting and digitizing over 800,000 files, helping the TDI save over $300,000 in file space annually and improve turnaround times for records requests. Now, case file data is protected from loss, confidentiality is protected, and staff can instantly access the information they need.

Scale your digital strategy with Image API

Seamlessly digitize documents

Paper documents can be lost, stolen, or destroyed. They take up space on desks and in storage rooms. Image API digitizes all your current and future records, freeing up valuable space and making your files easier to find and share. From historical documents to the files you receive daily, going digital with Image API makes your documents easily accessible for your team and securely guarded against all others, including mother nature.

Design & automate processes

If there’s never enough time to get everything done, your outdated processes may be to blame. Image API’s expert team works with you to design new systems that cut down on time, resources, and the potential for human errors. We help you reduce manual tasks such as filing paperwork, sorting through incoming mail, and scanning documents. Our goal is to take your tedious and complex manual tasks and redesign them into automated workflows, so you can take back your time and focus on the work that matters most. 

Build digital forms

Image API helps you build digital forms for all your needs, so you can say goodbye to the hassle of paper and ensure your records are protected at all times. Keep your forms organized and out of sight until you need them, and easily accessible when you do. Send forms to anyone, anywhere, and receive them swiftly and appropriately completed—without the errors that plague paper forms. Our expert team will work with you to make your forms more accessible and intuitive than ever before.

Manage content

Image API makes it easy to manage your content digitally. Find what you need faster and collaborate more effectively with our content management system, Axiom Pro. It allows you to pull up the content you need anytime and anywhere with online access from a central cloud-based repository. Axiom Pro integrates with your other systems, automating your processes for a more efficient workflow. Find and share the information you need quickly and easily, all while guarded between several layers of online security.

Whether you’re just starting to go digital or you’re looking to scale your current systems, Image API has a solution for you, and we’re happy to discuss your options. Contact us to learn more!


Scaling digital processes - common FAQs

What is scaling in digital?

When you scale digitally, you look at the framework you already have and build upon it, so more of your everyday tasks function automatically in the background. For example, you may already have a system that stores files and lets you communicate with stakeholders. When you scale digitally, you upgrade or replace your system’s capabilities to store more data, search more effectively, and automate more of your workflow.

How do you successfully scale digital processes?

The key is to get clear on your goals and create a timeline. Scaling too quickly or without a clear plan sets your organization up for added capabilities you don’t need and won’t use. Start with the areas that offer the greatest return on investment regarding time, money, and employee or customer satisfaction, and go from there. 

What is the most important business process to automate?

The most essential process to automate depends on the needs of your unique business and where you are in your digital journey. That said, most organizations will benefit hugely from a content management system that integrates with other online systems and allows you to track projects, share documents, communicate with team members, and easily find and manage information. 

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