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The People Behind Our Business

June 24, 2020

Whether you’re a client, team member, partner, friend or family member of our team, someone considering working with us, or simply an internet passer-by: welcome! Today we’re offering a look at the people and purpose that drive Image API, your trusted content services platform and digital partner.

(Are you wondering what exactly a content services platform is? Click here for a post on that.)

Image API’s Beginnings

We’ve been helping organizations convert paper to digital content for over 25 years!

We started in 1993 as a small imaging company in Tallahassee, Florida. Though we’ve changed and evolved with the digital landscape, we’ve always been digital-driven. Since starting as a scanning and imaging company, our offerings have evolved to innovative cloud-based document management software and process optimization services. We pride ourselves on seamlessly integrating into your current ecosystem, amplifying the value of your current investments.

Of course, change is inevitable and we are no stranger to flexibility and adaptation. Hint: you’ll want to stay tuned for some exciting future offerings that we are currently developing!

Our Team

Now to the reason for this post: showcasing our hardworking team members that we are so grateful for. Our team’s diverse skills, digital experience, and dedication are what enables Image API to deliver an excellent experience to our clients.

While we are based in Tallahassee, Florida, we would be remiss to not include our Austin, Texas office and remote team members in this post. Every Image API team member, no matter their location, is integral to our success.

You can connect with our company and team members on LinkedIn here, and read a little about their Image API experience below.

What drew you to Image API?

“Right away, I could tell the team was made up of smart, humble, hard-working, and respectful people. I wanted to be part of that team.”
-Varinia Frias, UI/UX Designer

“Image API continues to be a motivating experience. With a thriving innovative culture, I know there will be a new challenge each and every day I come to work. It’s very rewarding to work with such a talented and motivated team, with a true passion for providing best-in-class products for our customers.”
-Nathan Cazell, Director of Technology Automation and Enterprise Architecture

What’s your favorite thing about being a part of the Image API team?

“Image API presents a new learning opportunity every single day. The people and the collaborative environment empower you to experiment with unique solutions that guide our customers in their digital journey.”
-Shrinit Chavan, Product Manager

“It is very rare to find the perfect combination of extraordinarily talented, dedicated people and valuable, challenging work. I’ve been at Image API over 25 years and love being part of a company that thrives on supporting our customers with the best technologies and services.”
-Loree Evans, Vice President, Client Success

Our Purpose and Core Values

It would be hard to talk about our people without also talking about our purpose and values. We credit our team’s success to their dedication to unify behind a common purpose and set of values. All of our team members exemplify our mission and values — it is part of daily life at Image API.

Our Purpose

“To deliver the power, speed, and simplicity of digital as a service.”

Our Values

Relationships: People matter, together we can do great things, give back.
Excellence: Do the right thing, learn continuously, always in pursuit of better, deliver WOW.
Authentic: Our word is our bond, communicate openly, laugh out loud, make a difference.
Dedicated: Rigorous, agile, find a way, finish what we start.
Yes, We Can: Believe in possible, anchored in purpose, deliver results.

Our Community

We are still proud to call Tallahassee our home base since being founded here over 25 years ago, and we stay involved with our community. Most recently, we worked with Sleep in Heavenly Peace, a non-profit volunteer organization that builds beds for kids who don’t have one and are sleeping on the floor. Coming together as a team to serve our community is one of our favorite things to do together.

“At Image API, we believe in giving back to our community. Last year, we partnered with Sleep in Heavenly Peace to build 32 beds for local children in need. After just a few short hours, our muscles ached, we were covered in sawdust and we were inspired by the mountain of beds that the team built. It’s humbling to realize what a group of people can do when they work together to meet a common goal. It doesn’t take much to make a big difference!”

-Susanne Korta, Director, Client Success

Working with Image API

This is us: the team working to deliver the power, speed, and simplicity of digital as a service to our clients. We’re people who are motivated to ensure your documents are easy-to-access and secure, your processes are efficient, and that your experience is exceptional. We’re also people who love working together, volunteering in our community, and enjoying life with our families and friends.

Now that you’ve met our team, we want to learn more about you! Click the button below to connect with us. Whether you’re considering working with us or have been a customer for years, we want to know how we can best serve you.

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