How the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida’s HR department saves up to 100 hours per week with digital files

"Axiom Pro has cut our search time per file from up to 30 minutes down to seconds."

Kenyeta Pino

HR Manager

About the Client

The Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida, serving Miami-Dade County, is the largest in the state and the fourth largest trial court in the nation. Its 123 Circuit and County Court judges serve a population of over two million in a 2,000 square mile area.

The Challenge

A lack of efficiency and accessibility in managing personnel files

The HR department of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida is responsible for a high volume of confidential personnel files, which need to be searched, reviewed, and updated consistently. People in different departments, including payroll administrators, support staff, and HR personnel, need access to every file. 

That’s why using a paper-based system was so time-consuming. Each person would have to go into the file room, search for the file in alphabetical order, and spend up to 30 minutes flipping through hundreds of pages to find the information they needed. Staff members had to wait their turn to handle a file, which slowed the process even further. 

And when the COVID-19 pandemic made working from home the new normal, accessing files physically was no longer an option. The HR department needed a solution that would allow them to access the files remotely while maintaining a high level of confidentiality.

"During the pandemic, we had to figure out how to reconstruct our state court system in a way that allowed us to still operate business efficiently and effectively while working from home."
The Solution

Axiom Pro: cloud-based document management built for state and local government workflows

The 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida’s HR team worked with Image API to digitize thousands of active and inactive paper-based personnel files for upload and management in Axiom Pro. 

The new system enables the HR department to access files from anywhere, whether team members are on-site or working remotely. They can now search for a file in Axiom Pro by employee name and by other key index information from the agency’s statewide HRIS system and review it instantly without the need to physically retrieve the file from the file room. Axiom Pro includes a full-text OCR feature that enables users to search in a digital file for specific words, saving staff from scrolling through hundreds of PDF pages. 

Axiom Pro also allows the HR team to simultaneously work on files and complete projects, increasing collaboration and communication. The Axiom Pro Activity Log shows when a file is accessed, downloaded, printed, or viewed, making it easier to track changes and identify who worked on the file last. 

During the transition process, Image API worked closely with the HR team to address some of their complexities and configure the catalog to their specific needs. This included a data extract from the agency’s HRIS system to keep the digital personnel files up to date with the system of record. Image API also configured Axiom Pro’s role-based security access to define the security privileges in the HR department, so that everyone has access to the files they require while maintaining the security of confidential information.

"We don’t have to flip through each document now. We have a digitized program with a search feature that will take us directly to the document we need."
The Results

Regaining 100 hours per week to focus on talent initiatives

Since using Axiom Pro, the HR department's efficiency has improved dramatically.

The team still touches anywhere from 20-40 files per day collectively. But now, each person is no longer spending 30 minutes per file to find the information they need — their search time is down to just seconds. 

Axiom Pro has also allowed the HR department to repurpose the storage they were using for their files and ensures longevity of their documents. They don’t have to worry about the paper degrading over time, ensuring that the quality is maintained for years to come. 

Since implementing Axiom Pro, staff members have been able to reclaim the time spent on administrative tasks to use more of the valuable skills their positions require. They’re freed up to focus on finding and retaining new talent, and they have more bandwidth for additional initiatives that support that goal, such as staying market competitive, making sure positions are current, and paying employees adequately —  ultimately fulfilling their mission to ensure that employees are thriving and successful.

"With the flexibility Axiom Pro has given us, we can now focus on our own individual projects. These are initiatives that are going to make a bigger impact in the long run."