How Escambia County HR saves up to 1 hour on fulfilling each public records request

“Axiom Pro has made finding files faster and saves us so much time.”

About the Client

The Human Resources Department of Escambia County, located in the Florida Panhandle, supports a workforce of approximately 1,600 employees across 17 different departments. With a dedicated team of 16 staff members, the department provides comprehensive HR services, including recruitment, employee relations, and benefits administration.

The Challenge

A lack of storage and time-consuming paper file processes

Between their two file rooms containing around 3,500 active and terminated employee files, Escambia County HR was running out of storage space.

And with so many paper files, fulfilling public records requests was a time-consuming process. Employees had to manually scan, email, assemble PDFs, save to a drive, and add to the records request system, which could take up to an hour and a half each time.

Additionally, if a file was located in another department, they had to send out an all-hands email to the team to locate it, causing significant delays in fulfilling requests. 

While some files had been digitized through Escambia County HR’s HRIS system, the system lacked the ability to mass upload files, requiring the tedious process of uploading files one by one. Moreover, the system did not provide the necessary search criteria for efficient records retrieval. The team knew they needed a more efficient and accessible solution to digitize their file management.

After evaluating various solutions that were expensive and included unnecessary features, Escambia County HR found Axiom Pro. They were impressed with the user-friendly interface, streamlined file retrieval, and cost-effectiveness. The demo showcased a cleaner and more intuitive system, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple folders to find the desired files. 

Escambia County HR decided to adopt Axiom Pro to overcome their file management difficulties and transition towards a fully digital solution.

“We needed a more efficient way to view our files that was accessible for the whole team.”
The Solution

Axiom Pro: secure document management for anytime, anywhere access to employee files

Image API facilitated the digitization of both active and inactive employee files with Axiom Pro, managing the entire process from file packing and pick-up to final disposition. Throughout the process, Image API worked closely with Escambia County HR to configure the system according to their specific needs. 

The ability to search for a specific word within a document in Axiom Pro has dramatically improved the speed and accuracy of finding relevant information within employee folders that contain multiple sections, such as employment information, personal records, and performance evaluations. This feature saves HR staff from the laborious task of scrolling through hundreds of pages. 

Axiom Pro also allows Escambia County HR to search for employees using their unique employee numbers instead of relying solely on names. This feature streamlines the search process and eliminates potential discrepancies or changes in names, saving time and effort that would otherwise be spent on additional investigative work.

The introduction of the "batches" feature in Axiom Pro has also been highly beneficial for Escambia County HR. It enables the team to upload multiple files at once into an employee's file, making the process more efficient. As each employee file consists of various sub-folders, the ability to upload an entire folder at a time greatly simplifies and expedites the file organization process.

“Our vision was to run our HR department with a more intentional, digitized process, and we’ve accomplished that with Axiom Pro. They helped us move forward.”
The Results

Fulfilling public records requests in a fraction of the time

Since implementing Axiom Pro, Escambia County HR has seen significant efficiency improvements and time savings. 

Previously, fulfilling requests for employee files could take up to an hour and a half, often resulting in delayed responses that had to be scheduled for the following day. However, with Axiom Pro, the HR team can now locate the necessary files within 30 seconds and complete the request within just 30 minutes. This drastic reduction in retrieval time has not only expedited the response to public records requests but has also allowed the team to be more responsive overall.

The time saved with Axiom Pro has also had a profound impact on the HR team's productivity. Streamlining the file management processes has freed up valuable time that was previously spent on manual file retrieval and administrative tasks. This enables the HR staff to shift their focus to other important initiatives that directly meet the needs of Escambia County employees and external customers. By redirecting their efforts towards initiatives that align with the county's mission and goals, Escambia County HR is now making more significant contributions to the overall success of the organization.

“Axiom Pro allows us to pull files so quickly. This not only makes our jobs easier but helps the whole team succeed.”