How Sarasota County Schools digitized student records and saved countless labor hours

"The number of labor hours Axiom Pro saves us is off the charts."

Joitta Berkey

Registrar Support Coordinator

About the Client

Sarasota County Schools is a public school district located in Sarasota County, Florida. The district serves approximately 43,000 students in 53 schools, including elementary, middle, high, and charter schools.

The Challenge

Increasing enrollment and an inefficient paper-based student record system

As a top-rated and rapidly growing district, Sarasota County Schools found its paper-based student record system increasingly difficult to manage.

Space for cumulative files was quickly running out. The district had no choice but to store cumulative files outside of the designated protected areas, leaving files vulnerable to hurricane damage as well as taking up valuable real estate that might otherwise be used for student-based activities. 

And with a large number of departments requiring access, from the health department and the discipline office to guidance counselors and teachers, reviewing files wasn’t easy. Staff members had to drive to the file’s location, which could take up to an hour each way. Alternatively, a school registrar would have to scan the documents, which was not only time-consuming but created duplicates that required shredding. The COVID-19 pandemic further highlighted the limitations of the paper-based system, as staff were unable to access the files remotely while working from home. 

Just as problematic was the challenge of transferring files from one school to another. With a highly mobile student population, the district struggled to secure cumulative files while also managing the labor needed to physically deliver them. Transfers could take 3-5 days, during which time no one had access to critical information like health records or IEPs.

The district knew it was time to go digital. They just needed the right partner.

The Solution

Axiom Pro: a fully paperless document management solution

Image API supported the Sarasota County Schools in digitizing their student records across all 53 schools in the district, from kindergarten through 12th grade, following a strategically phased process.

The Axiom Pro content management platform allows the district to capture, store, search, retrieve, and share student record files. Now staff members in different departments can view and work on files simultaneously, with role-based permissions in place to protect confidential information. 

When staff members upload a document, they’re able to preview and categorize it correctly to prevent errors. And the notes feature allows staff to record when they’ve viewed a file, eliminating extra phone calls. 

The team especially appreciated Image API’s high level of support, on everything from training staff to troubleshooting, throughout the transition to digital records.  

"The Image API team really listened to what we needed to be successful as a district, and that was incredibly important."
The Results

Repurposed space, improved accessibility, and process automation

By replacing their paper based system with Axiom Pro, Sarasota County Schools has made the entire student record management system more efficient. 

Schools are already using previous document storage space for other purposes. Rooms previously full of file cabinets have become offices, classrooms, and in-school suspension rooms. 

Having instant access to files eliminates mileage costs and driving time for district-level personnel. At the school level, teachers can find out about students’ attendance or past work history right from the classroom, which means they’re able to spend more valuable time planning.

Since files now transfer to new schools overnight, the district saves countless labor hours on every transfer, from loading the files and tracking their whereabouts to unloading and sorting. 

Thanks to Axiom Pro, Sarasota County School always has access to the critical records and resources they need to help students succeed both academically and socially. 

"Axiom Pro has been a huge time and money saver. We're not spending time on the road just to see a form that we can now see from our desks. Having access to the files so quickly, helps us achieve student success sooner rather than later."