Cloud-based Document Management

Our document management solutions help agencies store and manage digital content and automate business processes.  Axiom Pro is hosted in an isolated virtual private cloud, offering a secure and compliant way to manage even the most confidential files.  Work with and share files directly from online application, without having to print or download documents first.  It’s easy to use and we know it has the power to change the way your organization works.

  • Seamless access to information

    We work with our clients to modernize business processes and enable efficiencies through integrated process and technology solutions.  As the ‘API’ in our name suggests, we specialize in the integration of our solutions with our clients’ line of business applications and workflows as a means of delivering seamless access to information regardless of its location or format.

What features are important to your organization when it comes to document management?

Axiom Digital Library has the fundamentals of storing and retrieving digital content, with easy capture, organization, and sharing capabilities.  Axiom Pro is more robust, with features such as redaction, retention, and workflow.  Explore some of the features of each and see how they compare:

  • Digital Library

    Axiom Digital Library is a secure, centralized location to store, organize, and share digital files in the cloud. It’s a SaaS solution that is designed to meet the immediate, short or long-term digital content needs of any type of agency.

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  • Document Management

    Axiom Pro® content services platform is highly configurable and scalable – which means you are getting document management tools that meet the needs of your agency, not a one-size-fits-all solution.

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