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Eliminate the Paper Weight

Save time and money with cost-effective digital solutions to manage records for students, financial aid, admissions, human resources, administrative services, and more. Digitize, organize, and manage content with Axiom Pro®, a highly configurable digital content management solution that can automate manual processes and eliminate paper.

    • Cost Effective
    • Secure Cloud
    • Simple Pricing
    • Speed of Delivery
  • Capture
    from Electronic Sources

    Automatically capture and upload files from other sources, and send to Axiom Pro.

  • Integrate
    with Existing Systems

    Easily locate content from other systems with secure document linking.

  • Protect
    with Multi-Level Security

    Configure system, user, and document level security settings to protect privacy.

  • Convenient and Compliant

    Locate documents with a simple keyword search, manage retention with automated schedules, and track document progress – all without leaving your desk.

  • Gain instant access to files, anytime, anywhere

    Automate and track workflow tasks

    Eliminate paper and related storage costs

    Protect privacy and ensure FERPA compliance

  • 0

    Millions of Records,
    Zero Paper. 

    Easier to find, easier to share.

  • Content  x  Digital = Success

    Counties and school districts have many student records to manage – like admissions, transportation, medical, and registration – as well as administrative records like finance, purchasing, and human resources. Being able to locate and protect records electronically can eliminate costly, labor-intensive processes that expend valuable resources. Axiom Pro content management solution for K-12 Education can streamline processes, allowing schools and education administrators to focus on providing support and services to students.

Axiom Pro is highly configurable to fit the needs of counties and school districts. Records can be organized, managed, and routed to support different process workflows, while keeping content centralized and protected.


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