Human Resources

Recruiting, hiring and managing employees is a document-intensive process – from applications and job descriptions to benefits and training.  Moving to digital can save time and money, while improving the HR experience for everyone.

What percentage of your HR processes are digital?

Storing paper is not only costly, but risky. Digital files, unlike paper, are protected from environmental factors such as aging and natural disasters, as well as unauthorized access. Axiom Pro® enables increased control of digital content with features like activity tracking, user permissions, and redaction. Working with digital files greatly reduces time spent searching for information – resumes, benefits, employee records, performance management, and other critical documents are right at your fingertips.

Digitize paper files

Cloud-based storage and management

Protect documents and strengthen compliance

Integrate with other HR systems

Seamless Access, Automated Processes

Find information faster and eliminate manual processes.

Protect information and leverage compliant, cloud-based technology.

Automate tasks and route documents through workflows.

Ease audits with secure, compliant access and activity tracking.

Stay Connected

Cloud-based solutions empower you to do work on the go – review employment applications, notate employee files, or access a resume with a simple keyword search, all on your mobile device. With Axiom Pro®, you can view and share files easily – removing the limitations of paper and manual processing.