Image API delivers efficiencies and compliance for infectious disease records management

Infectious disease surveillance agencies monitor and report dynamic health statistics, so immediate access to data and the ability to redact private information is essential for both patient privacy and public safety.  The HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis Section-Surveillance at the Florida Department of Health’s Bureau of Communicable Diseases had an older system in place, but it lacked functionality to manage documents, and relied upon time-consuming manual data entry.

Eliminating paper and manual data entry resulted in cost savings and allowed for reallocation of resources.

The Section not only had a backlog of electronic document images that needed to be migrated to the new platform, they were seeking to streamline the process of digitizing and organizing incoming records.  Image API designed and implemented a digital capture process that automatically organizes incoming digital health records as they are loaded into Axiom Pro®, a document management solution developed in-house and powered by Amazon Web Services  (AWS). Implementation of the new solution included end-user training of local offices the State of Florida.

Axiom Pro makes file retrieval faster and file storage more secure, ensuring protection of patient privacy.

Managing private health data requires high security and compliance with privacy laws such as HIPAA, PPACA, and more.  Image API is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner and runs the Axiom Pro Healthcare solution in the AWS cloud, providing DOH with total control over their dedicated virtual resources for maximum security and maximum flexibility.

The value delivered for HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis Section-Surveillance?  Incoming health records are handled much more efficiently and with greater accuracy.  Axiom Pro has made file retrieval faster and file storage more secure, ensuring protection of patient privacy.  Eliminating paper and manual data entry resulted in cost savings and reallocation of resources.

Project Summary


  • Paper medical records were backlogged
  • Manual data entry was time-consuming
  • Records were difficult to organize and manage


  • Digitize 10 years of historical medical records
  • Implement automated digital capture for incoming records
  • Implement Axiom Pro Healthcare solution powered by AWS to organize and manage digital content


  • Increased accuracy, privacy and efficiency
  • Saved money and freed up resources
  • Compliant with state and federal regulations for privacy

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