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Say Goodbye to Workflow Woes with Caledo: The Digital Automation Process Solution That Delivers Value Fast

October 4, 2022

The sudden rise of remote work highlighted issues that have plagued workplaces for decades. Thrust into a remote working environment, employees found themselves separated from coworkers and unable to access paperwork and tools necessary to complete everyday tasks.

Confronted with the drawbacks of these out-of-date manual processes, businesses searched for a solution that would simplify operations and improve employee and customer experiences online. 

Many found the solution with digital process automation software. 

Introducing Caledo

Forced to adapt to a digital workplace, many businesses turned to Image API with its proven track record of simple, time-saving, and affordable digital operation solutions.

Image API answered with Caledo—the innovative digital process automation cloud-based platform for our new digital landscape.

Caledo takes manual processes and digitizes them so that work can happen anytime and anywhere, making it quicker, more efficient, and more secure. Whether your workplace remains largely remote or resumes in-person operations, Caledo’s user-friendly interface cuts down on time-consuming and outdated processes, giving you back hours each week to focus on hitting your goals and improving customer experiences.

Caledo is powered by Amazon Web Services—the most widely used and comprehensive cloud platform in the world—keeping your documents safe and secure while readily accessible from anywhere, anytime you need them.

How Caledo works

Caledo helps you establish simple yet powerful digital operations, resulting in positive experiences for your employees and customers. With cutting-edge digital process automation software combined with the expertise of the Image API team, Caledo enables you to get more work done from anywhere, at any time—seamlessly integrating your third-party applications so your teams become more efficient with fewer steps.

Working with our expert team, Caledo can help:

  • design automated processes for your unique workflows
  • build digital forms for a better employee and customer experience
  • manage content with connected business systems
  • increase productivity by reducing human error
  • digitally collect signatures 
  • send automatic reminders to speed up operations 

To get a more complete picture of how Caledo works, let’s look at a familiar but time-consuming manual process that can be simplified with Caledo’s digital automation software.

The inefficiencies of manual processes

A government position requires the completion of budget approval requests. To fill these out, an employee must complete the paperwork by hand, then scan the paper and convert it into a pdf. They must then send the paperwork as an attachment in an email to their supervisor for approval. 

The supervisor has to read the email, open the attachment, download the request, and approve it. Once it has their approval, they must scan the updated form to create a new pdf so they can send it along to their supervisor. 

Of course, this isn’t where the process ends. This overly complicated operation continues in this manner until the form is eventually approved or flagged for missing information and sent back to the initial employee so they can begin the work all over again. 

As human errors inevitably occur, the workflow is disrupted—adding days, weeks, and sometimes months to an already frustrating and menial task. 

To further exacerbate the issue, our workplaces’ most common processes aren’t initiated by only one person at a time. Multiply the above scenario by several hundred requests, and we get a better picture of the daily time and effort that goes into these processes.

Now, let’s look at how the above scenario can be digitized and automated, resulting in a massive reduction of wasted time, a more productive workplace, and happier employees.

Creating a digitized process to eliminate inefficiencies

Step 1: Jorge (budget requestor) fills out a digitized version of the budget request  

  • Caledo alerts Jorge to missing information so he can complete the form and submit it.
  • Caledo alerts & reminds Deborah that she has a new form to review.

Step 2: Deborah (department head) reviews the form and approves it digitally.

  • Caledo alerts Anh that she has a new form to approve.

Step 3: Anh (purchasing) reviews the form and approves it digitally.

  • Caledo alerts Jorge that his request has been approved.

The complex workflow is now streamlined into a simple three-step process. Caledo’s automated software communicates with your third-party apps, connecting the missing pieces and creating a simplified, more productive operation. 

Jorge’s request is approved in a fraction of the time the same process takes when completed manually. This automation frees up hours for the team to work toward hitting their goals, creating a more efficient and enjoyable work environment. 

In addition to optimizing your processes and making them more user-friendly, Caledo can automatically alert users to human errors and oversights. This feature guides team members and customers toward fixing their mistakes and helps them complete all work promptly and efficiently.

Caledo saves time and money

Typical digital automation software is tedious to implement, generally taking up to a full calendar year and requiring a massive overhaul of processes. 

Combine an overwhelming number of digitized forms and processes with a less-than-stellar customer experience, and you have a frustratingly expensive and underperforming system that confuses employees and customers.

The automation of processes and the digitization of forms most software systems provide lead to expensive and complicated solutions for added functionality that most organizations simply don’t need and will likely never use. 

Caledo solves these problems with the option to purchase and implement one process at a time. Image API’s team works closely with your organization to determine your highest needs for digitization and help creates processes that are quick to implement so that your organization is getting value almost immediately.

Improve processes with affordable automation  

Image API’s team works with your organization to tailor solutions to your unique business requirements. You can start using Caledo within 90 days—75% faster than the competition.

Oftentimes, the built-out system is completed in an even shorter period, making Caledo the practical, affordable, and swift solution for your workplace woes.

Caledo’s step-by-step process puts you in the driver’s seat so you get exactly what you need when you’re ready for it. Working with Image API’s team, you’ll determine where your organization’s most significant inefficiencies lie so the team can diagnose how to overcome the bottlenecks in your workflow. 

Thanks to Caledo’s scalable subscription service, your organization can add new processes to automate whenever it's ready—instead of waiting on the less efficient one-size-fits-all approach adopted by other digital automation software systems. Reduce the long waiting period for digital automation and ensure you’re only paying for what you need when you need it.

Caledo allows your team to become comfortable with one process at a time. With a user-friendly platform that’s intuitive and easy to use, everyone in your workplace has time to adapt before adding new processes to the mix. Plus, Caledo’s scalable subscription gives you the ability to add new users as your business grows.

How Caledo helps agencies & businesses optimize their workflows

Obtaining digital signatures

The pandemic made it more critical than ever to obtain digital signatures and send them from a distance. Though many workplaces are beginning to resume in-office activities, the ability to gather signatures in a digital format creates a more equitable business structure for all of your customers. It also allows for the hybrid and remote workplaces that today’s employees demand and clients expect.

HR onboarding

Adding new people to your team should be an exciting process. However, the excitement can quickly fade as new hires are bombarded with paper packets and time-consuming operations. Caledo’s cloud-based platform lets you digitize all forms, collect digital signatures, send information between third-party apps, and keep all data secure and protected. 

Our team works directly with your team to map out processes that improve and optimize your workflow while integrating with your systems of record. This includes differentiating the process for employees in different states with varying regulations. They can even help you bypass human approval with intelligent forms requiring information in every field.

Finance and Accounting

Manual errors can lead to costly delays, slowing your processes and impeding your organization’s productivity. Caledo automates your team’s processes, helping your finance and accounting departments move at the speed of digital. Process automation and integrated systems reduce your operating costs and increase efficiency.

Learn more about Caledo

Caledo functions as the digital glue that connects and streamlines your online applications under one platform, optimizing your workflows and helping you get more work done quicker than ever and with less room for error.  Backed by leading technology services and supported by our expert technical team, a Caledo subscription allows you to constantly update and improve your processes so you can keep saving time and money with our scalable system. 

To learn more about Caledo and see first hand how Caledo can automate your process book a time with our team here.

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